Omnitah ist Singer & Songwriterin des Jahres 2019!

Schon 2018 gewann Omnitah beim Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis 10 Preise, u.a. "Deutscher Singer Preis 2018", "Bester neuer Rock & Pop Künstler des Jahres 2018", "Bestes CD-Album des Jahres 2018", "Bestes Pop Album 2018", "Bestes Musikvideo" u.v.m. Jetzt hat sie in der Hauptkategorie "Deutscher Singer-Songwriter Preis 2019" den 1. Preis gewonnen...!!!

Das neue Doppelalbum ist da ...!







"20 # 10" (2019 31 Titel • 125:21 min.)

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Das 10.te Album zu Omnitahs 20-jährigem Künstlerjubiläum enthält bei diesem Doppelalbum 31 Songs, die zum Teil aus "Best Of" Liedern der ausverkauften CDs besteht, komplett neu überarbeitet und neu aufgenommen, sowie brandneue und auch bislang unveröffentlichte Stücke der letzten 20 Jahre beinhaltet. Ein Mix aus Pop, Rock, Folkrock, Jazz, Swing... fast alles was das Herz begehrt.

Omnitah im Bandbus Radio 7!

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20 Jahre OMNITAH ...!

Dieses Jahr feiert Omnitah ihr 20-jähriges Künstlerjubiläum. Aus diesem besonderen Anlass wird das 10.te Studioalbum ein Doppelalbum, worauf sich schon viele freuen dürfen. Denn die zwei CD's werden viele unveröffentlichte Songs enthalten, komplett neu überarbeitete Titel von den ausverkauften Alben sowie auch brandneue Stücke. Das Doppelalbum wird voraussichtlich November 2019 erscheinen, kann aber gerne schon schriftlich vorbestellt werden unter

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The Live Session..."Everybody Hurts"

10-fache Preisträgerin des Deutschen Rock & Pop Preises 2018, darunter                "Deutscher Singer Preis 2018"

Bester neuer Rock und Pop Künstler des Jahres, bestes deutschsprachiges Album für "Seelenstaub", bestes Popalbum für "Teil von mir", bestes Musikvideo "Lieber Gott", bester deutschsprachiger Song für "Bis der letzte Ton verhallt", "bester Folk-Rock Song", bester Pop-Song, bestes Arrangement, beste Komposition...

Foto: Rolf Schwark
Foto: Rolf Schwark

Omnitah live beim 36. Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis 2018!

CD-Rezension "Seelenstaub" von Mark Fox

The latest cd from Omnitah, "Seelenstaub" (Soul Dust) displays a broad spectrum of musical styles and lyrical themes. She brings to bear her considerable talent and experience as a singer-songwriter in this varied collection of her newest music. Each song is like a page from the book of her own life, sung with the confidence of someone who has gone through a profound evolution and shares with us just how far she has come, as an artist and a woman. The songs are mostly personal, presented in accessible and popular musical idioms.  She achieves such a naturalness in her songwriting that you get the feeling the catchy melodies, words and feelings just flow out of her in one unified, uninterrupted flow. It's as if the songs were already existing somewhere and she just plucked them out of the air, perfectly-formed and wrote them down. Its rare to find an artist with this much proficiency that can make songwriting seem so effortless.
Omnitah is a genuine all-around talent.  She is not only a brilliant singer-songwriter but is also a gifted pianist, violinist, arranger and her own producer as well. The ease with which she balances so many gifts and so extremely well is in itself a phenomenon. She's maintained a diverse and prolific output of cds over the years and with each new album manages to keep expanding her own thematic and musical range. Her songs are a very personal musical journal, recording her relationship with the world and sharing the intense impressions, struggles and feelings that it evokes in her. She lets us in on her pain and desperation but also her hope, healing and belief in divine grace. She is in fact one of the few artist that can express something deeply spiritual while not once sacrificing her own humanness to do it. Seelenstaub is the mature work of a singer whose art is her own life's journey and at each resting place takes the time to share with us what she has learned. Her vulnerability, integrity and commitment to that journey are part and parcel of each song she sings. This cd is Omnitah's best work to date. It's a musical joy to listen to and heart-rending to hear the soulful stories it tells.  - Mark Fox - (Singer & Songwriter, Komponist, Gründer von „True Voice®”, Operntenor)

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